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Expression, a path to learning and transformation through art.

Today is the 26th March 2020. Families all over the world remain in their homes in a time when walking the streets is allowed once a day for excercise only. These are difficult days to process for anyone. Nowhere in our conscious lives did we expect such times to arrive.

Somewhere held in the arms of our sub conscious, we find an open door. A door of expression where words no longer exist.

The Children

It may be quiet outside but many homes are alive with our children expressing their delightful souls. How do we express what’s happening outside, with a light touch and a warm heart I hear you say.

Over the years as an artist, I have seen how my images have taught me about my own unconsciousness, creating a path of gentle understanding. Its a space for us all to access. A space to create, to enjoy and learn a little in the process.

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